Peachtreat 42 NEWS

The reigional gathering's physical layout will be a little bit different this year; Hospitality will be in an adjacent but separate structure from the main hotel, which contains the meeting rooms and sleeping rooms. This will allow us to run hospitality as late as we want and avoids the concerns of shutting down early due to state noise ordinances.


Registration, Hospitality, Games and the Book Sale (will open late afternoon), craft beer tasting (after a light supper in Hospitality) and probably followed by a Vogon Poetry contest.


Annual Business Meeting,Mensa testing, presentations (tentatively) on: time management, forensic microbiology, hospice, the genocide of the faeries, veterinary ophthalmology, and the theory of everything. Lunch and dinner will be served in hospitality; dinner will be followed by “Live, from Milliways, its Saturday Night” and then a chocolate orgy. At least one trivia contest will be in the mix somewhere.

Sunday: Catch up on what is going on around the region and country with RVC Baker Ring.

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